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“"7 wonders of Dubai" voyage”

The most extensive and comprehensive voyage in Dubai. Enjoy every sight that can be seen from the water!

A special, "rare" voyage that covers whole Dubai. We will circle around the Palm, along the beaches and past the Burj Al Arab, go through the skyscraper-filled Marina district, and also enter the Dubai Creek, passing under whimsical bridges like the Tolerance Suspension Bridge and the Waterfall Bridge. Then we'll circle around the Burj Khalifa, go along the business district, and see Dubai's "historic" part, specially recreated a few years ago.

Embark on the Ultimate Yacht Cruise in Dubai

Hello, adventurers and sea enthusiasts! As a Dubai connoisseur and your friendly guide, I'm thrilled to present our most extensive and exciting yacht cruise yet. Spanning a full 8 hours, this journey is our longest day voyage, designed to show you the very best of Dubai from a unique and luxurious perspective.

Start Your Journey with a Dubai Boat Tour from Marina

Our grand voyage begins in the dazzling Dubai Marina, where skyscrapers reach towards the sky, reflecting off the sparkling waters. Here, you'll board one of our premium yachts, setting the stage for an unforgettable day. As we set sail, the Marina's opulence is just a taste of the splendors to come.

Explore Iconic Landmarks on Your Boat Trip in Dubai

As we cruise along, you'll witness the awe-inspiring Bluewaters Island and the world-renowned Dubai Eye. The Palm Jumeirah, an engineering marvel, unfolds with its luxurious hotels and residences, offering a breathtaking view from our yacht.

Discover the Majestic Burj Al Arab and Beyond

A highlight of our journey is the iconic Burj Al Arab. Seen from our yacht, it stands as a testament to Dubai's luxury and innovation. But that's not all – our yacht hire in Dubai takes you on an immersive experience, revealing the city's diverse beauty.

Experience the Heart of Dubai on a Yacht Charter through Dubai Creek

The pinnacle of our tour is a mesmerizing cruise through Dubai Creek. Here, you'll see the city's historic heart, with beautiful bridges and the stunning Burj Khalifa. The contrast of the modern skyline against the charm of the "old" recreated town is a sight to behold.

The World Islands: A Unique Stop on Your Yacht Rental in Dubai

As we journey back, time permitting, we may visit the incredible 'The World' islands. Here, you can swim in pristine waters, enjoying distant views of the Dubai skyline, a perfect way to relax and reflect on the day's adventures.

Concluding Your Dubai Yacht Rental Journey

As we return to our starting point, your heart will be full of awe-inspiring sights and joyous moments. This yacht rental in Dubai isn't just a trip; it's a journey through the essence of one of the world's most dynamic cities.

Book Your Dream Yacht Rental in Dubai Today

Ready for an adventure that encapsulates the beauty and grandeur of Dubai? Our yacht rental in Dubai is tailor-made for those seeking a comprehensive, luxurious, and unforgettable experience. Contact us today to book your yacht charter, and prepare for a journey that will take your breath away. Let's set sail and discover Dubai like never before!


Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world and a symbol of Dubai

Burj Al Arab

A poetically designed hotel in the shape of a sail, which proudly calls itself "seven-star," and rightfully so!

Dubai Marina

The "Waterfront" district of Dubai is a place of yacht marinas beneath skyscrapers and one of the city's wonders. They dug and connected a canal to the Persian Gulf specifically for aesthetics and convenience

Dubai Eye / Bluewaters island

The world's largest Ferris wheel, situated on a cozy island with townhouses and low-rise residential complexes

Atlantis, The Palm

The first building on "The Palm" — a luxurious hotel complex that even features underwater rooms with views of marine life

Tolerance bridge

An S-shaped suspension bridge. An engineering marvel!

Waterfall bridge


A waterfall bridge that parts when approached by a yacht! Need I say more?

Dubai Water Canal FootBridge

A bridge that stands out with its unusual twisted spiral shape

Al Seef Dubai

New buildings recreating the "old" look of Dubai before the oil boom.

Atlatis The Royal


One of the most expensive, prestigious, and unusual residential complexes in Dubai

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